Eden Lodge No 1530

Meeting at 455 Dominion Rd, Auckland.

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Meeting Calendar

The Lodge meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month with the exception of December and January.

Tyling is at 7:30pm

The Installation meeting is in July

Lodge Secretary:

Leo Coutinho


021 0509392


Lodge History

The petition to Grand Lodge for the formation of this Lodge dates from April 1874, with the first installation, and consecration, being held in 1878. W.Bro. J. Warren was installed on this occasion, and again in 1881.

The Lodge first met in a room at the Rising Sun Hotel in Karangahape Road, Auckland. The Lodge eventually purchased some land almost opposite the Rising Sun (a site that is now a bridge over the motorway) and built their first Lodge room, which was consecrated in 1879.

It was eventually decided that this Lodge room was too small and a site in Belgium Street (now Upper Queen Street) was purchased. while the new Lodge room was being built, the Lodge met in the Oddfellows Hall in Pitt Street.

The Belgium Street (Upper Queen Street) building was consecrated in 1911, and the Lodge remained there until moving to its current site in 1987.

The Upper Queen Street building has just recently (July 2003) been demolished to make way for an eight story apartment block, and the contents of the time capsule that was embedded in the foundation stone in 1911 were recovered.

The original foundation stone is to be incorporated into the new building so as to bring a little bit of the history from the old to the new.


A list was made by the then District Grand Secretary (W.Bro. W.W. Daw) of the items that were placed in the time capsule, and this list was discovered in the District office by the current District Grand Secretary, VW.Bro. Bruce McMurtrie.

Parchment containing names of all subscribing members of the Eden Lodge, together with the names of the Officers of the District Grand Lodge of Auckland for 1911.
History of the Lodge written by W.Bro. Harry Robinson, secretary.
A set of coins of the realm; vis: Silver 5/-; 4/-; 2/6; 2/-; 1/-; two 6d; two 3d. Copper two 1d; two 1/2d; two farthings.
Photographs of: R.Wor. Bro. J.R. Reed DGM; W.Bro. A.S. Bankart DDGM; W.Bro. W. Rylance PDGD; W.Bro. W.W. Daw DGSec; W.Bro. F.C. Davey, Master of Eden Lodge.
List of Lodges under the District Grand Lodge of Auckland.
Copy of VSL.
Copy of ‘Auckland Star’ and ‘Herald’.

Unfortunately, the only items that survived the water that had entered the capsule were the coins; both newspapers and the VSL (although the first few pages of that were damaged); and the photos of J.R. Reed and A.S. Bankart (although they are both badly damaged). There is also a programme of the stone laying that is almost falling apart.
The pages of the newspapers will be laminated and put on display in the current Lodge room and the coins will be cleaned and mounted for display. Seeing there was no NZ currency in 1911, the coins are obviously English and bear the heads of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and King George V.

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