Opotiki Lodge No 1930

Meeting at the Masonic Centre, 125 St John Street, Opotiki.

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Meeting Calendar

The Lodge meets on the second Saturday of February, April, June, August, October and December.
Tyling is at 1.45 pm
The Installation meeting is in October on the Saturday preceding the Third Monday. Tyling 1.45pm, Visitors 2.15pm and Distinguished Guests at 2.30pm

Lodge Secretary:

Ray Wilson


(07) 315 5675


Lodge History

Masonic activity started early in 1881 when fourteen masons, seven English, five Irish and two Scottish constitution members petitioned the English District Grand Lodge in Auckland for a warrant to form a Lodge in Opotiki.

The first installation meeting on the 2nd of June 1881, installed Bro R.S. Rush as the first Master.

Meetings were first held in the Settlers Hall, Church Street, next to the present Royal Hotel. The Lodge met there, then later in the Opotiki Hotel.

In 1891 the first Masonic hall was built on a site next to the Masonic Hotel, but together with all records was destroyed by fire in September 1895.

To establish a new home, the Lodge purchased the Opotiki Town Hall building on the corner of St Johns and Main Street (the street is now named Elliot Street) and met there until 1908.

The property was then sold, the Lodge retaining sufficient land to build a new Masonic Hall.

In 1982, the Lodge moved again into a newly built Masonic Hall across the road from the previous premises in St Johns street.

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