Remuera Lodge No 1710

Meeting at the Ellerslie Masonic Centre, 9A Robert Street, Ellerslie.

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Meeting Calendar

The Lodge meets on the second Monday of each month with the exception of January and February.

Tyling is at 6:30pm

The Installation meeting is in June (Tyling at 6:15)

Informal Lodges of Instruction are on the first and last Mondays of each month at the Lodge Rooms at 7pm.

A Management Meeting is held at the EMC at 6pm on the First Monday of each month.

Lodge Secretary:

Graham Wilson


09 579 4494 or 027 205 7999


Lodge History

On 28th February 1877 at a meeting in the old Newmarket Hotel it was decided to form a new Lodge, 'Lodge Remuera" with W.Bro W Lodder, P.M. Waitemata Lodge 689 as Master. Officers & Brethren of Prince of Wales Lodge recommended the petition to the District Grand Master, so, Prince of Wales is Remuera's 'Mother Lodge.' Bro Cunningham offered a room at the Hotel for the use of the Lodge @ £12.0.0. per annum. The Lodge was issued with its dispensatory warrant on 26th day of March 1877.

The Inaugural meeting took place on 11th April 1877 . There were 14 subscribing members & 32 visitors. The dispensatory warrant was issued on 26th March 1877 & finally issued its warrant on11th June 1877. In those days Masonic gatherings were reported on in the N.Z.Herald & the Inaugural Meeting was commented on at length the following day.Meetings were held to consider our own premises. There was some delay in coming to a decision as in 9/79 the Treasurer's balance was 8/5d! However tenacity was brought to bear on the problem & the site at 82 

Remuera Road was bought for £112.10.0d. In late 1880 a tender of £490.0.0 was accepted. The Treasurer did not have a very cheerful New Year message in '87: the bank balance was 1/6d & arrears were £100.0.0d ! But back to November 1880 when the Temple was consecrated. The N.Z Herald reported on 10/11/88 that the 'New & handsome edifice erected by the Brethren of the Lodge Remuera was consecrated yesterday…………………………'

Meetings continued at 82 Remuera Road, however, the financial situation became increasingly difficult due to the maintenance required for an old building.

With the proposed erection of the English Masonic Centre at Ellerslie we decided, reluctantly to sell to Terry Winn, photographer who made a magnificent job of restoring the building. Our last meeting at 82 Remuera Road was in December 1992. We moved to Ellerslie in September 1993. In the interim period we were accommodated, appropriately by Prince 0f Wales Lodge (Our Mother Lodge').

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