Star of the North Lodge No 1647

Meeting at the Masonic Centre, 17 Albert Street, Whangarei.

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Meeting Calendar

The Lodge meets on the third Wednesday in the months of February, April, June, August, October and November.
Tyling is at 6:00pm
The Installation meeting is in April

Lodge Secretary:

Dennis Turner


(09) 438 8268 Mobile: 0274 591939


Lodge History

The Star of the North Lodge, under the UGLE, is the oldest Lodge in Northland, being consecrated on Wednesday 27th September 1876 in Walton St, Whangarei. The Lodge has had several “Homes” within the City and now resides at the Whangarei Masonic Centre, Albert Street.

The present day WM, IPM, SW & JW chairs were presented in 1912 to the Lodge, with the oldest chair still in use being dated 1885 and is used for the DGM or his representative.

The Star of the North Lodge also holds one of the few Masonic Ceremonies to the Returned Services on the closest Lodge night to the 11th November. This is an open Ceremony to all that wish to come along, and which has been preformed, in most, the same since 1938. Each year a Guest speaker reflects on their time in the Forces while many of the Lodges in the Northland District support this event by participating.

The Lodge runs as a dining Lodge, Tyling at 6pm. We are a very social Lodge, with many Lodge evenings having Ladies, Partners and Visitors sharing refectory, within the complex or going out to a restaurant.

We welcome all Masons and also any person who would like to know more and participate.

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