Lodge CV-19 safety precautions

The advice to all Craft Lodges and Royal Arch Chapters is that no further meetings should take place until new advice is received regarding CV-19 indicating that it is safe to do so. If Lodges do decide to meet, the following precautions are to be taken:

1. Any Brother who has travelled from any categorised country outlined in the MoH guidelines refrain from attending meetings until after the isolation period has lapsed.


2. No brother over the age of 70 years old, and any with hypertension, heart disease, Respiratory problems or diabetes no longer attend Lodge and Chapter meetings for the foreseeable future.


3.  All Brethren to refrain from attending meetings if they have any flu like symptoms and to ensure the Master, Secretary and Almoner are aware.  


4. Simple rule –If you have ANY doubts about your health –DON’T attend.


5. The approved form of greeting to a brother is a court bow or the sign of Reference.  No handshaking please.


6.  That washing of hands will be compulsory prior to entering the lodge and refectory.  We have some supplies of hand sanitiser which will be available.


7. All members attending meeting to ensure they have clean gloves which will be required to be worn during the ceremony.


8. All gloves to be washed after each meeting.


9. The Almoner to refrain from visiting physically but should keep contact with affected brethren in the interim until the circumstances improve.


10. All brethren signing the attendance register to print their surname beside their signature.  A copy of seating arrangements in the refectory are also to be kept.