Bubbles from around the District


Bro Sam W of Wellington Lodge is used to working at a standing desk in the office” When he had to work from home he tried to replicate this by using the ironing board. A stack of books was formed on which to stand his laptop with the screen at an ergonomic height. He tried to persist with this rather precarious situation but finally had to relent after a couple of near disasters. He is now working at a traditional desk to prevent any further heart-in-mouth situations.

Bro John R of Mount Egmont Lodge and his wife sold their house a couple of days before the start of the lockdown. He was expecting to have to juggle packing with working full time during the week. Luckily they had got all the boxes they needed before level 4 started. As his work is very hands on he found that they had the luxury of several weeks of un-rushed packing. This is now finished ready for the move at completion day at the end of level 3.

W Bro Brian P of Aorangi Lodge does a lot of voluntary work in regards to the charity for Crone’s Disease. In January the annual camp was held in Wellington for children from all over the country. At the end of the camp the helpers escorted eighty children to  Wellington Airport to catch their flights home. Unfortunately down came the fog and closed the airport.

Well what does one do with eighty children stranded overnight at the airport without accomodation?

A quick phone call sorted it. One of the local New Zealand Constitution Lodges graciously opened their doors and everyone was fed and had a place to lie down for the night, all be it not in beds. All caught their flights the next morning. Freemasonry in action.

The Taupo Ship Yard has been busy during lockdown – level 4 – and the USS Missouri was recommissioned last evening. The model is 1.6 metres long and contains some 1500 pieces. The pieces are plastic and has photo etched details for the really small and difficult constructions. The ship itself had 9 x 16 inch guns, 20 x 5 inch guns, and 130 assorted anti-aircraft guns and canons. All faithfully reproduced in the model which is a 1:200 scale.

Her claim to fame was when her crew and visiting allies received the unconditional surrender of the Japanese on 2nd September 1945 in Tokyo Bay. She also saw action during the Korean War and the Gulf War and was fully retired in 1992. In 2010 having been refurbished she now is a museum and visitors centre at Battleship Row, Pearl Harbour.

This was my first attempt at model building except as a young lad building balsa and tissue model aeroplanes. With a few exceptions I have spent around 3 hours per day building during lockdown. I only decided at the last minute to embark on this project and the model shop had already – just about – closed its doors. I didn’t have time for buying the paint, so battleship grey it will have to remain.  The challenge now is to find somewhere to display it!

 Roger Everest

11th April 2020


Bro Nigel M of Te Awamutu Lodge and his wife are both working flat out during the lockdown. Their business is very busy making and distributing hand sanitiser. A truly essential business.


Bro John O of Turanganui is locked down in his bubble. This doesn’t mean that he is sitting in the house twiddling his thumbs. He has numerous fruit trees of many varieties on his property and he is being kept fully occupied pruning them.


W Bro Graeme R of Waitemata Lodge is now living in Australia. In his area the lockdown is not as severe as it is here. He has therefore been able to get out and enjoy a game or two of golf.


Bro Neil J of Aorangi Lodge had his parents come out from England a few weeks ago for a holiday. They have now found that this is going  to be several months but they feel that they are in a safer place. Neil’s father is a Member of a lodge in Bristol which uses the famous, or should that be infamous, Bristol Working. They are happily comparing it with ours and discussing  the different nuances.

20th April


W Bro Russell T of the Duke of Albany Lodge is a teacher’s aide. During the lockdown he has been having to install and get his head around a number of different platforms on his computer. He hopes that he has been able to learn all of the various nuances so that he can successfully manage the on-line learning programme to ensure the continuing education of the pupils.


W Bro Anthony W reports that the lockdown has been good at finding more out about his workmates. Because of having to liaise over the phone interesting snippets arise. To the surprise of all n the workplace one of his colleague revealed that he played the bagpipes. They then arranged an impromptu on line recital far all of the staff.


Bro Sverre F of Te Awamutu Lodge has been working on a contract in his native Norway. This has now come to an end but he is now stuck over there not knowing when he can make it home.

COVID 19 - A Poem by Joe Bau

This Corona thing I understand effects the lowly and the grand

The beggar or the titled few, perhaps me, it could be you

Creeping silently unheard, misunderstood and undeterred

Unselective with no bounds, oblivious to sight and sounds

We’re told the symptoms and what to do, stay indoors and see it through

It’s not easy for those on their own, check on them use the phone

Isolate don’t congregate, stay in touch and phone your mate

Co.’s after all it must be done to let the course of the virus run

People wearing masks we see, that they trust will give immunity

Standing just two lengths apart, clinging to their shopping cart

Or those that choose to take a chance that give a nervous sideways glance

And stop if someone nearby sneezes, coughs out loud or even wheezes


And so it goes along its way, not caring be it night or day

To find a host in which to dwell that will surrender to its spell

Where people mingle, Shopping Malls, religious groups, community halls

The City stations, Airports too, where people gather in a queue

The experts talk to us each day, on T.V. they have their say

Saying we can see this through telling us what we should do

Politicians in a mess we read their columns in the press

It seems common sense has passed us by let’s just stop, give it a try


If we all do as we’re advised by those that know and analyse

In time Corona will disappear and with luck we all will still be here

So please be patient, be aware and yes it is alright to care

For caring is a healing act, I know it’s true and that’s a fact

                                                                                        Joe Bau  ©

Clynton H, of Waitemata Lodge, and his wife have been enrolled as judges. Their grandchildren have been competing on the trampoline at their home and via a video link they were asked to be the judges. A very pleasant period was spent keeping in contact and being able to continue being closely involved with the family.

Their five year old grandson has been expounding  about “the 19 virus” to all and sundry. When he was told that he should be saying Covid-19 he replied that he knew that “but I can’t be bothered with that bit”.


Alastair F of Alexandra Lodge reports that they had a catastrophe on the first day of lock down.  They realised that they only had a small amount of wine left in a single bottle until their next trip to the supermarket in several days time. His wife therefore poured herself out the one remaining glassful and sat down to savour it. Before even being able to  pick up the glass the children, who were boisterously running around bumped into the table and knocked the glass over. All the precious liquid was gone. Disaster!


Steve W of Alexandra Lodge who is notorious noted for making his home brewed whisky has turned his scientific skills with alcohol into other ways. He purchased a supply of isopropyl alcohol (the type that can kill you or make you blind) and other ingredients from the W.H.O recipe and has made a large batch of hand sanitiser which he has been distributing to the vulnerable members of the lodge and others in the wider community.

He has been expecting a visit from the police to see if he has got so much of that type of alcohol to make hashish oil as that is what is used in that process.

Reports coming back are that this one of his alcoholic products smells better than the whisky he makes!

30 March 2020

Danny J - St George “ Nicky is working from home so I’m the educator + entertainer of our 3 + 5yr old. The lawn man can’t come so thinking how to get the lawns done”

Murray A - Wellington lodge “ I’m about to have a cup of tea with a fresh apple. Then I will start to think about a presentation of the First degree tracing board which I was preparing to do at Wellington lodge. I do a presentation in which I speak about not only the lecture but the background to it Hopefully when this is all over I will be able to present it”

Tim S - Remurea Lodge- “ I’m working from home. Jan is going into work to continue making contact with her over 65 yrs patients”

Ron P –  Prince of Wales Lodge – I’m cooking some of the dinners and Sandra says my bacon and egg pie is to die for. I tried making lasagne for the first time a few nights ago and it was pretty good.”

Barry H – St George Lodge – “Gill and I are still busy digging out for the spa pool. We have a way to go yet.”

Bob Mck - Wellington lodge– “ The landscapers are still not back. The bulldozer is gone. No gnomes have offered to assist.  I think another glass of good malt is called for tonight.”

Mike C - Prince of Wales- “ It’s  a perfect missed day for fishing and I have a boat calling , so I’m going play with sand and left over wood and make a sandpit for my 22 month old Grandson today”

John M - Wellington Lodge “ Yvonne and I are enjoying a beautiful day gardening in our lovely garden. We live in a very special place and are very much enjoying and appreciating each other”

28 March 2020

Mike C – Prince of Wales          “ Have a list of jobs from Tony that will be keeping me busy for the rest of the day”

Graeme M – Prince of Wales   “ I’m going to clip the dog today, Mike C has told me that he is only a little dog and  it won’t take all-day, but on a sunny day I’m sure  it will be a very long job”

Pol C – Eden Lodge                     “ Its only day 3  and the kids are getting a little bored”

Bob McK – Wellington Lodge “ I’m looking out my window at a front garden which the landscapers  have left in a  very un-finished state . There is a big pile of bulldozed trees and scrub at one end.   The digger is still here . Maybe I could ….”

Murray Mc – Remuera Lodge “ I’m about to have coffee with my neighbour over the fence with 10 feet apart on each side of the fence”

Warren W – Eden Lodge        “ Jan and I have just performed minor surgery on one of our old cats to open an infected abscess on his back. We could find no Vet open , so nurse Jan made an incision, cleaned it out and sterilised it. Cat purred all wall through it. Poor George ( Named after George Wilder)

Brian W.   “Desire and I have just completed a 5k walk on Muriwai beach in beautiful sun and now relaxing with a cup of tea”

John M – Wellington Lodge -  Just who is the media celebrity , that back can be recognised anywhere (Ref Sat NZ Herald, front page)

We need to be careful because some people are going a little crazy from being in lockdown! 


Actually, I’ve just been talking about this with the microwave and toaster, while drinking coffee, we all agreed that things are getting bad. 


I didn't mention it to the washing machine, she puts a different spin on everything, and certainly not to the fridge, he is acting cold and distant. 


In the end, the iron straightened me out, she said everything will be fine, no situation is too pressing. 


The vacuum was very unsympathetic... told me to just suck it up, but the fan was more optimistic and said it would all soon blow over! 


The toilet looked a bit flushed when I asked its opinion and didn’t say anything, but the doorknob told me to get a grip.


The front door said I was unhinged and so the curtains told me to ........yes, you guessed it .....pull myself together….


I hope this makes you smile!