Craft Lodges

Craft Installations

Royal Arch Chapters

BJW: RW.Bro. Brian J. Westhead District Grand Master

GKMcK: W. Bro. Graeme J. McKandry. Deputy District Grand Master

EAA: W. Bro Euan A. Allan Assistant District Grand Master

DDL: W. Bro David Dyet Leach Assistant District Grand Master

FAK: VW.Bro. Farouk A. Khan PGSwdB, Past Deputy District Grand Master

CHolst: V W Bro Charles Holst PGSwdB, Past Deputy District Grand Master

BMRS: W.Bro. Bryce M.R. Smith, Assistant District Grand Master

GMB: W Bro Gerry Byrne PAGDC

GNM: W Bro Graeme Martin PAGDC Pres DBoGP

RAE: W Bro Roger A. deL. Everest PAGDC PADGM

MAC: W.Bro. Michael A. Chopping, PAGDC 

* NZC Meetings subject to invitation being received

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