What’s App Messenger

Brethren, at the moment we are in the process of getting What’s App messaging groups up and running throughout the District. If you are not too familiar with this application, the following may be of use to you. If you still are having trouble, phone the webmaster (Farouk).


  1. On your Android or apple smartphone, go to “Play store”

  2. Search for What’s App Messenger and install it.

  3. Open What’sApp - it will ask you to confirm your phone number and it will send you an email with a code..

  4. Click on the coloured link to confirm.

  5. You need to give it permission to use your contacts and storage.

  6. You are now on WhatsApp and can use it to communicate with anyone who also has it. It is particularly useful to keep in contact with groups of people as you will soon discover.

  7. If you need to set up a group, select the three vertical buttons in the top right hand corner of the What’sApp screen and this will give you the opportunity of setting up a group and adding contacts to that group.

  8. You can only add people to the group if they have What’sApp installed. If they haven’t, then send them a text or email asking them to install it.