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From its earliest days, Freemasonry has been concerned with the care of orphans, the sick and the aged. This work continues today. In addition, large sums are given to national and local charities.

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DGM’s Corner

freemasons nz Warren

Dear Brethren,

The beginning of the year has seen a real vibrancy in Freemasonry particularly amongst our younger brethren wanting to be involved in their Lodges and communities.

The Board of General Purposes’ four regional Zoom meetings are now completed. The interaction and feedback has shown Lodges have a real desire for growth and a readiness to evolve. From these meetings, plans have been formulated to how the District can assist three lodges which are having difficulties. (More about this later in TT). I am very aware and do appreciate the efforts that the Lodge Masters and Officers have put into making their Lodges successful, but sometimes we all need a little help to make our plans a reality.

At one early morning regional meeting, strategies were discussed on how to assist Rodney Lodge with the comment that there was a possibility of a new candidate. That evening, when I arrived at their Lodge rooms, instead of one potential candidate there were three young men waiting to meet with the brethren. All were successfully balloted for. This all happened due to the positive action and attitude of the Lodge Master and brethren to make opportunities to promote their lodge. Well, done Rodney Lodge!

The next day I was at Alexander Lodge and after a superb Third Degree had been performed, another three candidates were proposed to join the Lodge, two by Initiation. The quality of the ceremony and refectory together with a real lodge vibrancy was commented upon by several visitors, with one commenting “I wish we could have this in our lodge.”

Our younger brethren are quietly evolving our Lodges and the District into something that is relevant to their individual and family’s needs. It is no longer unusual to have wives or partners or even children quietly waiting in a side room while a Lodge meeting occurs, then to join in the refectory proceedings with their dad or husband. It is a real pleasure to see how lodges are thinking about how to make things work for individual Mason’s personal circumstances rather than make life harder for them.

At a recent Harmony Lodge meeting, I had the pleasure of presenting a brother’s Grand Lodge certificate in the lodge room with both his wife and daughter present. The Lodge having been called off prior, enabling this to happen. It was especially moving to see the way the Lodge honored his family. The lodge stood while they were escorted in by the DC and after they were acknowledged by the Master, the certificate was presented. The Lodge stood again as they retired. The obvious pride and love that our brother’s family held for him was visible to all and made this ceremony quite unforgettable. I can see this practice occurring in other lodges when the opportunity presents itself.

We grow in confidence and pride both of ourselves and our Lodges when we practice true Masonic principles while being supported in a Lodge atmosphere based on friendship and praise. Seeing the efforts being put in by young Masons to learn their ritual and the visible pride their whole lodge has when it all comes together, has been a delight to witness. The number of lodges gaining a reputation for great ritual and a great social refectory is growing. These lodges are noticeable by the increasing number of visitors coming to acclaim and enjoy their efforts.

Well, done, team. there is a very bright future ahead for our Lodges and the District if you keep this up.

Kind regards,


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