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In this edition of Solomon Live, we sit down with Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes to hear about his role and his views on the future of Freemasonry.

The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE)

The home of Freemasonry in England and Wales, held its first organ concert of 2022, which took place at Freemasons’ Hall on 8 June at 6:00pm.

Charity Work

From its earliest days, Freemasonry has been concerned with the care of orphans, the sick and the aged. This work continues today. In addition, large sums are given to national and local charities.

Masonic Charitable Foundation DGLNINZ
Freemason New Zealand
Photos of towels and bed linen being delivered at the Mangere Evacuation Centre (16 February 2023) – donated by Brethren, Totara Hospice and the Bruce Pulman Park Lodge.

Freemasons of English Freemasons Charity Auckland Cyclone Gabrielle

The Mangere Emergency Evacuation Centre has been in operation for 8 days. The centre operates like a well oiled machine with hundreds of families accessing services – everything from Work and Income support, prescriptions and  budgeting, through to accessing the basics of clothing, bedding, food packs and sleeping accommodation at the centre itself.

The logistics of pulling all of this together, along with the Māori Wardens an d Police for safety and security a large undertaking. It has really pulled the community together and brought people from all walks of life together to volunteer and donate food, clothing, the very basics of life and money.

The scale of the disaster is realised when the wet and contaminated contents of homes are in skip bins or on their front lawns awaiting being crushed and dumping. House, after house after house.

The charitable needs of this community will not be over when the Mayor lifts the Emergency Order in a weeks time. Their will be ongoing support required for these vulnerable people.

Thank you to all those Lodges and Brethren who have donated funds – we are using those funds prudently to provide assistance which is re-assessed each day. This is not just talking about Charity, but walking the talk – and making a difference !!

Thank you all.

English Freemasons charity work at Mangere New Zealand

The recent charity appeal to help victims of the Auckland floods was utilised immediately. In these photos our District Grand Master and WB Pol Candia and son are putting together an intricate basket of food and other necessities for people at the various community centres where many people who have had to evacuate their homes were gathered. The charity appeal is still proceeding with nearly ALL English Constitution Lodges contributing thousands of dollars to this effort.

This is just a small part of the action. These funds are essential and we hope they will keep coming, much more is needed than shown in these photos. So far nearly all the lodges have made contributions consisting of more than sought, even the smaller ones with less funds in the bank. Thank You All.


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