Becoming a Mason

Why Become a Freemason?

To find out more about Freemasonry it is worth looking first at the website of the United Grand Lodge of England. This site contains a vast amount of information about Freemasonry in general, and English Freemasonry in particular. A really good starting place is the video at this address:

Once you have watched the video it is worth exploring more of the Grand Lodge website site including the magazine called Freemasonry Today.

Having taken a general tour of the Grand Lodge, you may now want to know more about what is available in your local area. It won’t be as impressive as the Grand Lodge building but the friendship and camaraderie will be just as good. Please contact the District Grand Secretary who will put you in touch with a Lodge in your local area.

Interested In Freemasonry?

Fill in the form below with your contact details and area you work and live in and we will put you in touch with a lodge in your area.

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Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

― Henry Ford | Freemason

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