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Covid 19 Newsletter No 7                                    09/06/2020

Dear Brethren,

Today is the day we have waited for.  Day one of Level one!  We thought we may have to wait a little longer but we are now here..

Today the District Grand Master Rt. Wor Bro Brian James Westhead has announced that all Lodges and Chapters are now fully open from today.   This announcement has been sent out to all Lodges and Chapters by our District Grand Secretary with more details to follow.

Open that special bottle of wine and pour a very big glass.   Isn’t this great news?  Now it’s back to lodge meetings, back to seeing mates and catching up again in person, not a zoom chat (great that they were). Back to all the Masonic things we love.

In anticipation of NZ maybe opening at level 1 at the end of June, preliminary planning had begun for a social get together on Saturday the 25th of July.   It is hoped that in other parts of the District, Lodges would organise some sort of social get together to celebrate returning to normal life.   More details further in the newsletter.

While most families, like ours, have had to miss out on birthday celebrations and other family social events, some of our members have had to cope with real personal tragedy and hardship issues over this time.  Some had to deal with the death of a loved family member with a limited funeral and real restrictions on mourning.  Others have faced major delays of planned medical or surgical treatment and others in our Masonic family still sadly have to cope with job losses and the related stress these uncertain times bring.

Similar stories are being told throughout the country and the District is very aware of the changing economics of NZ society.  Two suggestions are also proposed in this newsletter to help make a difference in our wider community. 

Meantime your CV-19 Committee looks forward to closing down, compiling final reports and handing the management of the District back to the Board of General Purpose. At the beginning of the country- wide lockdown, plans were made to prepare for severe situations which, unlike the UK, we fortunately never had to face.

All of the committee members, who were drawn from around the District, worked very well together and have done an amazing job.  I would like to sincerely thank them all for their considerable efforts and great hearts.  We grew as a District and we all certainly grew as Masons.

I would especially like to thank Wor Bro. Graeme Martin and Wor Bro. Michael Chopping, and also their understanding wives – thanks Robyn and Toni.    Graeme and Michael spent hours on the phone with me at all times of the day and night trying to resolve many problems that arose.

Most especially I would like to thank Wor. Bro Roger Johnstone, our District Grand Almoner.  His efforts in contacting brethren were outstanding.  If there was a “Man of the Hour”, Roger you were that man.

I would also like to thank all the Lodges and brethren who communicated your encouragement of the committee, delivered food parcels, delivered hand sanitiser and phoned and visited brethren.    Other brethren had no hesitation reaching into their pockets over and over again donating money to assist in covering the cost of another brother’s needs – a big thank you doesn’t begin say enough.    

This difficult time brought out the very best in so many brethren whose good, generous and caring hearts makes me so very proud to be a Mason.

Take care and please continue to look after each other.  We have learnt so much during this time about the practice of Freemasonry, not just the preaching of it.  

Kind regards

Warren Weir

Chairman of CV-19 Committee

We all do ‘do, re, mi,’ but you have got to find the other notes yourself.

― Louis Armstrong | Freemason

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