Masonic Mask

Sporting the latest fashions in protective Masonic Masks, it can be seen here in ‘Masonic Blue’ displaying a Masonic symbol on one side and also providing adjustable side-bands. This mask comes with a replaceable and washable filter (shown) and is ideal for complying with masking mandates. At $20 each it’s already a great ‘deal’, but considering that all funds are going to charity, it couldn’t be better.

The mask is ideal attire at our upcoming meetings where it is required, and it nicely matches the style and colour of our regalia.

Our wives and partners will also enjoy wearing the masks because it will not leave them appearing to have just left a hospital, a real plus when they’re shopping. My wife has ordered two of them!

To order, simply click the button below and fill out the form.

As Freemasons we support our country’s government laws and mandates and this mask will subtly show that we Freemasons enthusiastically comply. Anyway, who wants to get sick!

Masonic Mask Inquiry